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Bankruptcy chapter 7 chapter 13Will I lose my home?  My car?

Most people do not lose their house or car, in fact, most people file to protect their assets.

Bankruptcy chapter 7 chapter 13Will I get credit after bankruptcy?

 Yes, but the bankruptcy will affect your credit score and you will be offered higher interest rates on loans.

Bankruptcy chapter 7 chapter 13How long does the bankruptcy process take?

It takes about three months from filing the petition until the discharge order is entered. (in a Chapter 7 case)

Bankruptcy chapter 7 chapter 13I filed bankruptcy in the past.  When can I file again?

For a new Chapter 7 case, you can not file until eight years from your prior discharge. 

Bankruptcy chapter 7 chapter 13Do you want to LEARN MORE ABOUT BANKRUPTCY?

These videos are produced by the Federal Government.

Bankruptcy Basics videos  (click on link to the left)

Bankruptcy chapter 7 chapter 13How much do you charge for a bankruptcy?

       Our flat fee for a Chapter 7 is $1365 which includes all filing fees.

Estates & Wills

Estate Wills power-of-attorney PittsburghIf I die without a will, does my property go to the state?

No, Pennsylvania law determines which of your family members or relatives will inherit your assets.

Estate Wills power-of-attorney PittsburghWhy should I make a will?

So you can control the estate / probate process.  You choose who receives your assets, appoint guardian(s) for your minor children and select an executor to manage the assets in your estate.

Estate Wills power-of-attorney PittsburghWhat does an executor do?

Your executor is responsible for collecting your assets, paying your bills and debts, paying your taxes, keeping all financial records, and distributing your assets according to your will.  If you do not appoint an executor, through a will, then your  heirs will be left to dispute amongst themselves regarding who will administer the estate.

Estate Wills power-of-attorney PittsburghIn the event of my death, what happens to my children if I don’t have a will?

If you are not survived by a spouse, your children will inherit your assets.  If they are minor children, the court will appoint   a guardian to care for them.

Estate Wills power-of-attorney PittsburghHow much do you charge for a will? 

We charge $225 for an individual will and $350 for wills for a husband and wife.


Family Law, DIVORCE

divorce custody support PittsburghHow long does it take to get a divorce?

It varies so much that it is difficult to give a general answer.  The length of time often depends on how cooperatively the individuals involved conduct themselves. In most cases PA law mandates a 90 day waiting period from the date-of-service of the complaint.

divorce custody support PittsburghWhat is your fee for a divorce?

Our flat fee for an uncontested divorce is $395 plus court costs; which are approximately $200.



divorce custody support PittsburghHow is child and spousal support calculated?

Support is based on each parties monthly net income as applied to the state-wide support guidelines.

divorce custody support PittsburghWhat do you charge for a support hearing?

Much depends on the circumstances of each case.  A flat or hourly fee will be quoted for you following your consultation.

divorce custody support PittsburghHow do I file for custody?

The petition is filed with the Family Division of the court.  In Allegheny County, the parties are required to participate in the Generations Education and Mediation program as part of the custody process.

divorce custody support PittsburghWhat does it cost?

It varies depending on how the complaint for custody is filed.  The filing fees depend on whether custody is raised in a divorce complaint, or as a separate complaint for custody.  The Generations Education fees depend on the number of children involved.  Total fees depend on the circumstances of each case.  The court’s filing fee is approximately $156 and the education and mediation fee is $140 for each parent.  Additional educational fees may apply to children based on their age(s).


divorce custody support PittsburghWhat property gets divided in a divorce?

With only some exceptions, all assets acquired by the parties during their marriage, regardless of who purchased them or how they are titled.

divorce custody support PittsburghWhat fees are charged during the process?

We charge $175 hourly.

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